And voilá.

i. the sky feels red and you do too. there is something about the hurt that springs up to you in the corners of your mind, and it tells you this, “my love, do not turn back. do not let them see. do not let them seep inside of you. do not let them strum your heart strings.”

ii. you travel to places you go everyday. the usual, as usual. but your phone stinks of unforgiven apologies and a million messages, and you still let it rot. the usual, as usual.

iii. people see you as someone you never were. you hear them out and you think oh god what have i become? who are you even?

iv. you wake up at 03 : 45 and you giggle at yourself because the dream you just had was just a nightmare and real life is just so much better. you thank your stars.

v. you survive.


2 thoughts on “And voilá.

    1. I just read this comment and I was like… I know that name. I know that blog. And I just went over to yours and even though I couldn’t find any results like anything I’ve read, I think I have been over to your blog before. And Ive read a post in which you mentioned that you’re a south Indian. Are you?

      Anyway, thank you.


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